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Regrettably football clubs do not and can not survive on the players weekly subscriptions alone, that is where you can make a big big difference to the facilities and conditions which currently prevail at our club.

To offer your suppor, whether financial or the supply of footballing goods, please contact any member of the Club for details to be passed to a club officila who will be in touch with you imediately. Details can be found on the contacts page.         

Fundraising committee

Following our recent AGM, a long awaited fundraising committee has been established, the role of this committee will be discussed at the next Club meeting 15th June 2008

More volunters are required to assist the above committee to help organise fund raising events. Use the contacts page to get in touch.


Premiership Prediction Sheets - Season 2010/2011

Following last seasons great success by all but one team's support of the above fund raising event, the same will be arranged for season 2010-2011. Please see your team manager or one of the Club Officials to get your supply of Prediction Sheets with the possibility of winning a minimum of £200 at the conclusion of the Premiership 2010-2011 season.

Simply predict the order that the Premiership teams will finish the season by completing one or more of the official Prediction Sheet entry forms. They are priced at £2 per entry and you can enter as many times as you wish.

The deadline for entries is Friday 6th August 2010 - Entries WILL NOT be accepted after this date.